A psychological thriller surrounding the last man on earth who wakes to find he has been stabbed. 
I worked again as a 2nd AC with Dom on this film with the crew from Window Zebra Productions, this time directed by Jordan Gifford. We made use of the Samyang Xeen lenses, switching between the 24 for the dystopian wides and the 50 and 85 to capture the intense and sometimes frantic closeups. Again we worked with the incredible Harry Duff Walker, who also featured in Gods of the Marsh (working title).

We shot on Botany Bay in Kent, which provided some amazing dystopian wides of the beach and cliffs with quite unique cloud formations. The location proved quite challenging due to the quickly turnng tides which could result in us being cut off from the path up the cliffs if we weren't careful. We also had to carry every case of equipment down to the beach by hand as my camera cart wouldn't have coped with the sand.

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