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Blackmagic pocket cinema camera w/ EF speedbooster and cage
Canon 600D w/ 50mm f1.8, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6(EF-S), 70-300mm f4-5.6, 10-18mm f3.5-4.0 (EF-S)

Camera accessories
Tilta Nucleus Nano wireless follow focus w/ dtap/usb power cables
CineRangefinder Pro Ultrasonic Distance Measure (Similar to Cinetape/ Arri UDM)
Kinowheels Ronin control wheels
Fotga DP3000 Follow Focus w/ speedcrank, 12” whip
Fotga DP3000 Mattebox 4x4 w/ 0.6 ND
Shoulder rig w/ moosebars, top handle, rails, magic arms
Bag for rigged camera (camera coffin)
Camera cart w/ top shelf, dual baby pins, stand/tripod end bag
Camera accessories case
Includes: moose bars; 4* 10” 15mm rails;8” 15mm rail; 2* 4” 15mm rails; 2* 15mm rail couplers; 5” HDMI monitor; follow focus; 12” whip; speed crank; NATO top handle; NATO rail; NATO EVF mount; eyebrow with 4” magic arm; 6” magic arm; 3” magic arm; manfrotto 501 baseplates; coldshoes; coldshoe ballheads; 15mm ¼ 20 clamp; 2* 95Wh VLOK batteries; slim VLOK battery; 77mm variable ND filter; 5* 7900mAh sony NPF batteries; 3*2900mAH sony NPF batteries; cube tap; 2* USB AC plugs; international plug adapter; dual sony NPF charger USB; DTAP USB adapter; DTAP 4 way splitter;Tiffen 77mm Screw-on variable ND Filter
77mm Screw-on Diopter set (Close up filters) 

Camera monitoring
Teradek Bolt 300 wireless HDMI/ SDI 1:2 TX RX w/ dtap power & SDI cables
5” Feelworld MA5 HDMI monitor
SmallHD DP7 PRO 7” SDI/HDMI monitor w/ LP-E6, Sony NPF, V-lock & AB Gold plates, AC power adapter, dtap, 4 pin XLR, 2 pin LEMO, 3 pin LEMO power cables, component breakout cable and sunhood
SmallHD DP7 OLED 7” SDI/HDMI monitor w/ LP-E6 & AB Gold plates, AC power adapter, and sunhood
21” HDMI/SDI production monitor w/ AC adapter, VLOK plate, Junior pin mount
40’ BNC drum

Camera support
SmallRig VCT shoulder rig plate w/ tripod vct plate
Property of Sam Kemp Email: Telephone: 07527464214
Smallrig top handle w/ 15mm rail mounts, evf clamp & arri locating pins
DJI Ronin M gimbal w/remote control, tripod adapter, Kong Frog quick disconnect rig,
18ft Jib crane
Slider dolly (Dana dolly equivalent) w/ end brackets, 75mm bowl adapter and 8ft of quick connect rail
Kessler Pocket Dolly II Slider
Konova KSD-2012 precision arc/ circle dolly
Flycam Flowline easyrig 7.5Kg max
Cinetools cinemount car mount- 3x suction cups, 6x grip heads & various ⅝ rods
Cablecam (Will carry up to around 5 Kg) Remote controlled with max speed of around 30-40 mph

Includes: small lightweight travel tripod with ballhead; medium duty tripod with ballhead; Manfrotto video monopod; Heavy duty 75mm bowl tripod and fluid head; Manfrotto heavy duty 75mm bowl legs and 504 fluid head; 75mm bowl Hi Hat; Sachtler Hi Hat

Sound bag
w/Zoom H1; Zoom H2n; Rodelink radio mic RX & TX with Rode Lavaliere; Rode Lavaliere with TRRS to TRS adapter; Rode VideoMic Pro; 3m mini jack cable; rycote shotgun mic pistol grip w/deadcat; sound blanket

Aputure Lightstorm LED panel lights w/ 1* LS1+ ballast, 2*LS½ with ballasts
1.2K Quartzcolour Fresnel HMI w/1.2K magnetic ballast
2* 800W Quartzcolour redheads
Godox SL60 (Aputure 120D equivalent) w/ softbox
3* Neewer 300 mini LED panels
1x1 LED panel
Litepanels Inca 12 Tungsten 2K equivalent LED Fresnel
450W fogger/ smoke machine w/ flight case
Electric crate
w/2*50M 13A cable drums; 10M 13A cable drum; 10M 13A cable; 2* 13A 500W dimmers; 4* E27 practical tungsten; B22 practical tungsten; 3M china ball pendant B22 lampholder; 1M china ball pendant B22 lampholder; 4* 13A plug to 16A socket adapter; 6*B22 to E27 adapter; 2* B14 to E15 adapter; 13A socket to 16A plug; 16A extension lead

Grip and stands
2*Full Apple boxes, 1*½ apple, 1*¼ apple, 1* pancake
Property of Sam Kemp Email: Telephone: 07527464214
7 sandbags
6* 4’ speedrail 32mm OD
8x8 overhead frame
8x8 butterfly overhead frame
8x8 Rags- poly silk, bleached muslin (plain cotton), solid
8* 24x36 solid flags
4x4 floppy solid flag
24x36 flag kit- poly silk, single net, double net, triple net
2* 4x4 trace frames
2x2 trace frame
Kit of CCT correction, ND and diffusion gels
Full rolls of:
CTB Full, ½, ¼
CTO Full, ½, ¼, ⅛,
ND 0.3, 0.6, 0.9
Assorted party gels
Grip Crate
w/ 3*50cm bungee straps; 3*66cm bungee straps; 3*96cm Bungee straps; roll of bin liners; roll of cling film; WD-40; furniture polish; talcum powder; white chalk; Assorted light duty A clamps; 2*1” box couplers;2*25mm half clamp to junior pin; 100mm bowl to flat tripod head adapter; 100 to 75mm tripod bowl adapter; 5/8 pin to tripod plate clamp; grip head; boom buddy; junior to baby pin; 6” baby pin; reflector clamp; 2*drop ceiling baby pin clamps;4* baby ½ 20 3/8 spigots; baby pin to ¼ 20; 6” G clamp with dual baby pin; baby wall plate; 3* mafer clamp with baby spigot ; 2*15KG safety chains; bag of tennis balls; Junior male to baby female adapter

Lighting stands and booms
Includes: 2* medium duty lowboy junior stands; 3* 2.7-3.6M manfrotto autopoles (polecats); avenger triple riser combo stand; 2* turtle base C stands both w/2 grip heads and arm;7* lightweight double riser light stands; 2m avenger heavy duty mini boom w/baby pin and grip head; 6ft handheld light boom; 3m manfrotto medium duty light boom with grip head; 2* 3.8M wind up stands ; 2* medium weight light stands; baby C stand 20”

Misc. studio and production
Seamless backdrop papers
Cream 1.8m; Blue 1.8m; Crimson 1.8m; Dark pink1.8m
Acrylic sheets (great for product shots)
3*black, 3*clear
4* walkie talkies ~5KM range, takes motorola 2 pin headsets
Apple box seat pad

Red Giant Complete
Adobe CC
Cine Tracer
Blackmagic Decklink extreme 3D+ SDI/ HDMI in/out interface card
Spyder 4 elite colour calibrator
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