I worked as the gaffer on this Scott Pilgrim inspired short comedy.  The cinematographer was my good friend Dom, and the first-time Director was Lissi, also from Window Zebra, who worked as a producer on On in 15. 
This film had a mix of internal and external scenes, with some challenging lighting setups in the kitchen where 5 characters each had a few marks to hit (and be lit on) before the family sat down for dinner in a oner. 
We made extensive use of the Aputure mini 20Ds as hairlights and eyelights- their spot/flood adjustment really comes into it's own in tight locations, as they're able to both flood out and hit a wide scratch backlight from about a foot away, or alternatively spot out and pinprick an eye across a room without spilling on anything else. 
I especially like the bi-colour version, as at this size the loss of intensity isn't as much of an issue compared to say, the new 300X.

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