Director: Dunstan Dias
DoP: Mark James

I worked as the gaffer on this short film in collaboration with students from MetFilm schools MA Cinematography programme. Again we shot on the RED Scarlet MX with the Samyang cine primes. I also worked as a swing focus puller and also operated the ronin via remote control as I had the most experience with this. Due to the tight shooting conditions and thick basement walls, we were forced to place video village in another room and run a BNC cable out the the monitor. After a few attempts at plugging and unplugging the cable from the SDI port on the RED, I quickly realised the benefit of a short whip cable attached semi-permenantly to the camera with a BNC barrel to facilitate connection to the longer feed cable. 

The lighting plan on this short changed dramatically on set when it was discovered the plan to use plus green correction gels was way too harsh. I suggested using tungsten/ daylight to achive the same level of contrast without the baked-in damage to skin tones, with the opportunity to grade to this look in post. 

We also ended up creating a 'shield' to hide the camera behind from 4x4 flags, in order to achieve a whip pan of a hammer being thrown and striking the wall, while minimising the risk of damage to the camera. 

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