In the summer of 2018 I built this workshop with the help of a few friends.
I designed it from scratch to meet my requirements- I wanted a dual purpose space with room inside for machining and welding, and outside for blacksmithing. I settled on a 12x12 base, with a 6x12 covered outside space and an enclosed 6x12 inside. I also designed it so the roofspace above the outside area can be accessed and used as storage from the inside. 
I framed out the walls and the roof trusses on my own over a few days, then some friends helped me to erect the structure in a single day. I then spent another few days cladding the outside and the roof before work took me away from the project for a few weeks.
When I came back to it I insulated the inside walls, and clad them with OSB before painting them white. I painted the floor with heavy duty grey garage paint. I also had lighting installed as well as sockets for my machines.
I then moved in my machines- 
A 7x14 lathe,
A 4x6 horizontal bandsaw
A welding table with my MIG and stick welders
Bench grinders
Angle grinders 
and a storage rack for metal stock
I also built a longer metal rack outside above the door to hold 3m lengths of stock.
I'm hoping to pick up a milling machine at some point in the future to complement my existing set of tools, and especially to allow for quicker jobs with heavier passes than my CNC router will allow.

In my other workshop (the wood workshop) I have
A table saw
A smaller upright bandsaw
A 12" disc sander
A benchtop drillpress
A 1mx1m Mostly Printed CNC router
An air fitration unit
A 50l air compressor 
and a decent selection of handheld power and manual tools.
A 3D printer
My electronics workstation including soldering irons, test equipment and variable power supplies. 

Between these two workshops I am fairly happy in the variety of props, custom rigs and equipment I am able to prototype and produce. 

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