Again working with the lads from Window Zebra Productions, I came on at last minute to DP this pair of comedy sketches for a social media influencer. 
This shoot ended up needing quite a lot of work to fix the colours in post due to a mistake on set. Whilst gelling one of the lights from daylight to tungsten, we accidentally used an orange party gel that had been mislabelled instead of CTO. This left the colours overly saturated and ruined the skin tones, leaving the talent looking as though they were in the process of liver faliure. 
We ended up fixing this by isolating the most offensive parts of the yellow & orange spectrum and applying a correction grade to 'duck' these out and remove the orange tint, whilst leaving the rest of the colours natural.  This left the skin tones a little washed out, so we ended up adding back a little magenta shift to compensate, which slightly tinted the whites of the walls, but in the context of an office christmas party wasn't too distracting.

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