Baa Baa Black Sheep is a historical thriller set in 1945 in Norway. 
Written and Produced by Anette Martinsen, it is based on a true story.

I worked as the Director of Photography on this project in collaboration with Raindance. 
This was the first project I made use of my wireless video feed in tandem with the controller for my DJI Ronin M in order to maintain framing for a particularly complex one-er tracking backwards down the stairs into the kitchen. Our director Orlando carried the gimbal while I manipulated the gimbal wirelessly to track with our actor.

It screened at Raindance film festival in September 2019, and has been nominated for best short at I AM film festival, as well as being selected for the Stories and Tales festival. 

A review by George Savvides following the film's screening at Raindance film festival.

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