I worked as the director of photography on this somewhat experimental short film, shooting on an iPhone.
As part of this project we pitched to Twitter's branded content team follolwing their brief to create a 5-7 minute piece of media based on current events. They provided an amazing breakfast when we arrived.
I found it was easiest for me to use an adapter to output a HDMI feed from the iPhone that I could them view on my nromal monitors to allow for false colour and focus peaking, as well as a wireless feed out to a directors monitor. 
I found the largest drawback to the iPhone was it's fairly limited dynamic range, which required the lighting to be very low contrast to avoid blowing out the highlights. The iPhone also required a lot of light to avoid excessive noise. Using the Filmic Pro app, I did notice that the kelvin scale was backwards, which meant setting the white balance to 5600K to match my daylight lights ended up with a very warm image. 

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