I again was brought onto this project by Joe and Dom from Window Zebra Productions. I had never worked with the Director nor the DoP on this project before, but found them both very capable. I worked as the gaffer on this short and created some stylistic night time setups as well as an early morning/ sunrise effect despite the torrential rain outside. 
For the latter setup I initially attempted to rig a 120D externally on a C stand, but even with another C stand clamped with a cardelini to support the stem, and having everything lashed into the walls with ratchet straps, I ultimately had to take it down due to safety conerns in the high winds. 
As for the night scenes, we again used a light externally to mimic street lighting- we used a double CTO on a 120D for this, back from the door to be out of frame and about 3-4 feet above eye line. For the fill light inside we used 1x1 LED panels with 1/2 CTB, and also bumped the colour temperature in camera to push this further. This also gave the double CTO on the outside light a harsher feel more similar to that of sodium as we didn't have any CTS or yellow gels which would have been my first choice. We placed a 1x1 behind camera at the bottom of the stairs and then bounced a second into the ceiling at the top of the stairs to give a soft, even fill as the characters get more intimate. 
For the upstairs scenes I added a 120D with no modifiers, but a full CTO gel to bring it down to tungsten. This was flagged by the door, which created the hard spill of light seen at the end. The distance between the source and the door as well as the angle was adjusted to firstly make the light fall in the desired locaion on the wall as the door closes, but secondarily to soften the edges of the beam and get a nice falloff. We also turned up the 1x1 bouncing off the ceiling to match the intensity of the 120D and reduce the degree of contrast across the male actors face. 

I also used my new large jib on this project in it's smallest form factor of about 9 feet. I found this far more secure with the RED than my smaller one, although the head requires some modification in order to securely mount a manfrotto 502 quick release plate.

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